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Confess your sins [entries|friends|calendar]
Mommy Hell


We've all done something to deserve to go to Mommy Hell. It could be something as simple as using a pacifier or something like forgetting your baby in the car. Come on, confess it.

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On becoming a member [Tuesday
October 18th, 1:47pm]

You must already have a child. Not pregnant. You never really know what type of mother you are until you get home and have to deal with the baby all by yourself for the day.

No excuses or reasons why you committed your sin. It doesn't matter if it was accidental or on purpose, the end result is the same. Nothing you can change about it now.

Tell us something you've done to deserve eternal Mommy damnation. Something recent so that we're sure you haven't asked LJ for forgiveness and ascended your way back into Mommy Heaven.

The rules are quite simple. Click to join and leave a comment here letting us know why you deserve to burn with us.
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October 19th, 2:20am]

My three year old was eating cheezels (no that is not my sin) and was sitting on the bed with my 7 month old. They were both quiet and when I checked, they were BOTH 'eating' cheezels.

Instead of taking the cheezel off the baby, I smirked and thought "aah, 5 more minutes of peace!"
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